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Heavy-DutyOEM Gas Turbine Equipment Delivered To You

At Task Pro, we bring to you a substantial inventory of gas turbine spare parts thatback our overhaul and repair facilities. We maintain a stock of overhauled as well as new OEM parts, especially for the Ruston & Siemens product line, including expansion joints, blow-off valves (BOVs), throttle valves, pressure regulators, flexi hose, air filters, and more.

The spare parts we offer help us cover all maintenance and repair scenarios when it comes to gas turbines. Because we have everything necessary on hand, it further minimises machine downtime and hastens turnaround, especially during unplanned situations and emergencies. What more, we indulge in component repair as well.

Our inventory of auxiliariesis continually supervised so that product excellence can be maintained andcustomer requirements can be met regardless of scheduled or unscheduled / onsite or offsite overhauls, maintenance, and repairs. So, for quality gas turbine components look no further than Task Pro.

Our Range of Gas Turbine Spare Parts

For customer needs of any type, Task Pro offers flexibility in the repair and supply of gas turbine parts. Our computerised inventory includes the following products:


Expansion Joint Bellows:

We offer a range of metal, rubber, and fabric expansion joints for gas turbine exhaust systems through our manufacturing and supply partner LBH International. These products efficiently compensate the thermal stress that occurs within gas turbines and ensure stability and dependability of the machine.


TB Blow-Off Valves:

At Task Pro, we offer a full gas turbine Blow Off Valve Overhaul & repair service. We can also supply complete new units for the Ruston & Siemens range of TA1750, TB5000 & Tornado SGT200 models. Part numbers available are TA54090B, TA54090C, TA54090E, TA54090G, TA54090H.


TB Gas Fuel Throttle Valves:

At Task Pro,we offer a full gas turbine fuel valve overhaul & repair service. We can also supply complete new units to repair kits for the TB5000 Ruston & Siemens range. Parts available include TB-52130/01, TB52136, CT-336/38, TB-52103D, TB52116E, TB-52127B. Consumables include grub screws & circlips.


TB Flexi Hose:

At Task Pro, we supply spare parts for flexi hose assembly in gas turbines. Available in a variety of shapes and convolution pitches, these products help with easy media conveyance and motion control in gas turbines. Built to last, these spare parts also connect combustible chambers to fuel manifolds in the machines. Spare parts available include but not limited to CT963/9, TB05235, TB05246A, TB05234, CT-1054/6, CT1054B/2, TB05247, TB05272A, TB05222B, CT1054/7, TB05245A, TB05251G, TB04203B, TB04204B, TB04104/102, CT963/46, TB05246A


Turbine Parts TB Fire Safe shut off Ball valve:

At Task Pro we supply & overhaul TB5000 main gas shut off valves which sit just before the gas burners, parts number 64/60020020/2


TB solenoid valves:

At Task Pro we supply & overhaul a selection of TB5000 solenoid valves, parts number 64/60070035/1


TB Hale Hamilton Pilot & Main Regulators:

These are high-pressure valves and regulator systems designed to perform under critical conditions of pressure in gas turbines. They are ideal for fuel control, air purge control, inlet pressure control, prevention of reverse flow and over-pressure, and false start drain.


Air, Oil & fuel filters:

Task Pro offer a wide range of gas turbine filters from Combustion, ventilation, Fuel & oil. 

CT3009A/1, CT3009B/1, 6404001021/1, 6404001021/2, 6404001028/1, 6404001028/2, CT3009/37, CT3009/16, CT3009/1, CT3009/15, CT3009/44, CT3009A/2, CT3009B/2, CT3009/38, 6405002018/1, 6405002018/2, 6405002019/1, 6405002025/1, 6405002025/2, 6405002025/3, 6404001039/1, 6404001039/2, 6404001039/3, CT3009/6, CT3009/14, CT3009/43, CT3009/19, CT3009/45, CT3009A/3, CT3009B/3, 6405002014/1, 6405002014/2, 6405002014/3, 6405002014/4, 6404001008/1, 6405002021/7, 6405002021/9, 6405002021/10, 6405002038/8, 6405002038/13, 6405002038/14, 6405002031/12, 6405002031/14, 6405002031/18, 6405002031/19, 6405002031/20, CT3013A/2, CT3013A/4, CT3013B/1, CT3013C/2, CT3013C/4, CT3013D/1, CT3013E/3, CT3009/13, CT3009/34, TA08098A/1, CT3009/17, CT3009/37, CT3009/30, CT3009/20, CT3009/46, CT3009/26, CT3009B/4, CT3009A/4, CT3009/40, CT3009B/7, 64/05002015/1, 64/05002015/2, 6404001022/1, 6404001022/2, 6404001022/3, 6405002003, 6405002007, 6405002021/8, 6405002021/11, 6405002021/12, 6405002038/9, 6405002038/10, 6405002038/12, 6405002031/15, CT3013A/1, CT3013A/3, CT3013A/5, CT3013B/2, CT3013C/1, CT3013C/3, CT3013C/5, CT3013D/2, CT3013E/1, CT3013E/2, CT3009/12, CT3009/38, CT3009/39, TD08011/1, CT3009/18, CT3009/33, CT3009/21, CT3009/47, CT3009/24, CT3009/27, CT3009/28, CT3009/25, CT3009/35, CT3009/41, CT3009A/5, CT3009B/5, 6405002006/1, 6405002011/2, 6405002020/1, 6405002057/1, CT3009/2, CT3009/42, CT3009/50, CT3009A/6, CT3009B/6, 6405002044/1, 6405002044/2, 6405002044/3, 6405002044/4, 6405002044/5, 6405002065/1, 6405002065/2, 6405002065/3, 6405002065/4, 6405002065/5, 6405002065/6, 6405002065/7, 6404001049/7, 6404001049/8, CT3009/51, CT3009/52, 6404001103/1, 6404001104/1, CT3009/53, 64/05002012/2, CT3009/54, 6405002030/5, CT3009/55, 64/04001027/1, CT3009/22, CT3009/56, 6405002012/2, CT3009/57, 6404001031/2, CT3009/23, 6404001031/1, 6404001045/1, 6404001045/2, 6404001045/3, 6404001045/4, 6404001030/1, 6404001030/2, CT3009/58, 6405002030/1, 6405002030/2, TE05037A/4, CT4017E/16, TE05037A, TA08088, TA04044, TE04017/A, TF04014, CT3009/8, TE04017/B, CT4017E/11, TA08098, TA05122B, TD08011A/1, CT3009/3, TA05179B, CT3009/5, TE04017C, CT3009/7, 6405002006/2, CT3009/9, 64/04001002, 6404001027, CT3009/11


Fuel valve Actuator:

Task Pro offers full overhaul capabilities of the TB5000 fuel valve actuators, part number CT95245A/01


Ruston/Siemens igniter coil packs:

Task-Pro currently hold in stock TB5000/TB5400 Gas Turbine Igniter coil packs, part number 64/51001096 for Ruston, EGT, Alstom, Siemens manufactured equipment.


TB5000 igniter leads:

Task-Pro hold a stock of Igniter/ ignitor/ ignition spark plug leads for the Ruston, EGT, Alstom & Siemens range of Gas Turbines. Models include TA1750, TD & TB5000 / TB5400. Part numbers include CT941E/1, CT941E/2, CT941E/3, CT941E/4

Task Pro - Helping You With Spare Selection

At Task Pro, we are highly customer-oriented. Apart from our hugestock inventory, we also provide spare specification reviews to help customers with their selection. So, is there something you want to know about the gas turbine spare part you are buying? Do you want to place an order with us?

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